Bovine What?

Bovine, equine, porcine, caprine, canine, ovine….. WHAT?! Of all of these I know the basics, do you?!….Cattle are bovine, horses are equine, dogs are canine. The others? NOT. A. CLUE.  Today I was enlightened on the topic of bovine and it’s funny how it all came together…

I had to take a break from my desk for a few minutes so I walked out into the cube area where my teammates sit.  I had recently come across this new, hip burger joint in downtown Salem called Bo & Vine and wanted to ask the team if they had tried it out yet.  Check Bo & Vine out here or find them on Instagram.  The reason I was drawn to them was because I thought their logo was SUPER CUTE.  So clean and simple which we also talked about.  Hey, we’re Marketers, that’s what we do!  I thought it was so fitting for their new restaurant.  Aside from their logo, I was also intrigued by their name.  While I knew bovine related to cattle, I had to raise the question to our team– “What technically makes cattle bovine and WHY are they called that?”  


Bovine = Cattle

After receiving a couple of shoulder shrugs we decided we needed to Google it, of course! I couldn’t believe it, all these years with my Cattle Guy (aka Captain Farm Boss) and I had never, ever asked that question. Of course, I had to text him too, to see what he’d say. Jace texted me back letting me know it was basically a scientific name for cattle.  Well, of course.  But our quick Google search and a more in depth look at home tonight took it a step further.

So, did you know…. A cow is classified as such:

Kingdom– Animalia– meaning Animals

Phylum– Chordata– meaning having a flexible spinal column with a tail

Class– Mammalia– meaning feeds young with milk

Order– Artiodactyla– meaning an even hoofed or even toed animal

Sub Family– Bovinae– meaning a group of medium to large animals that are ungulates

Genus– Bos– meaning wild or domestic cattle

Species– Bos Taurus– meaning domestic cattle from Europe, Asia or Africa

Wow, I know, for some of us that just took us right back to high school biology or something, right? I know it did for me!

During our little pow wow in search of more information on the word bovine We began reading from Wikipedia… “Bovine is apart of the family bovinae. It includes a group of 10 genera of medium to large ungulates like cattle, bison and water buffalo,” it said.  *Try saying the word bovinae or genera in an accent. You will dieeeeeee!! SO FUNNY!*

Genera what? Ungulate who? Sounding like he was speaking another language we kept on reading…. To our surprise we found out that an ungulate is a large animal that is a hoofed animal. There are even-toed ungulates like cattle and odd toed ungulates like horses.

4H flyer

Making Friends with the “Ine’s”

All of a sudden, I felt a little bit smarter.  All this talk about bovines and I coincidentally had a meeting shortly after where I came across this 4-H flyer.  Notice the title? Hah! What timing, right?!

In case you were wondering…. Porcine relates to pigs (an even toed ungulate), ovine relates to sheep (also an even toed ungulate) and caprine relates to goats. Who would’ve thunk, right?!  If you’re a reader and want know more about cattle and different cattle breeds, check out this article from the Oregon State University Beef Cattle Library.

P.S…. Side  note, regarding cattle, did you know one of the biggest misconceptions about them is that they have four stomachs? Wrong! They have one stomach, which has four compartments. They are the rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum.

P.S.S…. I can’t wait to head to Bo & Vine for a date night with Jace. I’ll let ya’ll know how it is when we try it, so stay tuned for a full review!

After reading this, I hope you learned a little bit like I did!  That’s it for now…..

Captain Cattle Queen for the day, signing off 🙂


Cows have one stomach, which has four compartments.



5 thoughts on “Bovine What?

  1. I may not be any smarter after reading this, but I can at least say words that I didn’t know before that may make me sound smart… and they sound really cool in a french accent- unless you are around people that actually speak french.

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