Succulent Sunday!

I may be a little bit biased, but Wilco is one of our favorite stores. I mean, where else can you find virtually all that you need for this lifestyle under one roof? Aside from that, once in a while I get inspired to do something I’ve never done before just by walking the aisles. Like the one time I decided I wanted to paint our end tables with chalk paint from the farm store– they came out super cute!  Today was no different…  We went to check out the Bucket Sale going on in store and as I strolled through the garden center I came upon these eye catching succulents.


I know some of you probably follow HGTV’s Fixer Upper– the show that basically erected the rustic, chic, farmhouse style to be what it is today.  One of my favorite pieces of advice given by show star Joanna Gaines has been to add some greenery to your room.  While I had already headed her advice a long time ago, I must admit I did something that likely goes against anything Joanna Gains would do… The little succulent plant in the cute wooden tray on our coffee table, while it is green, it is fake! Yes, FAKE! But, not after today’s project!

Today I decided to take the advice of blogger and HGTV DIY’er Melissa Caughey, who is the author of Tilly’s Nest.  I had the opportunity to meet Melissa and tour around with her in St. Louis when she was the key note speaker at a poultry conference I attended at the Purina Research Farm.  She is the queen of backyard chickens and DIY crafts.  I have admired her cute décor ideas that featured succulents and so I decided to try my hand at creating a succulent planter to replace the fake one on our coffee table.

At Wilco, I picked up a couple of cute pots, a handful of succulents and some fast draining Miracle-Gro potting mix.  When I got home, I realized I also had some mason jars and some left over chalk paint.  I thought if painted, those jars could make cute planters too.  I wasn’t sure how the paint would adhere to the glass, but so far so good.  Once I painted those, I moved on to potting the gorgeous succulents into my new pots.


A couple of things I learned….  Succulents are so delicate! Don’t worry if a couple of the fingers (that’s what I’m calling them- hah!) fall off.  Also, I wasn’t sure how exposed the potting mix would be on top so I also stopped at the Dollar Store and picked up some pebbles, fine gravel and floral moss just to be safe.  After potting my succulents I chose to use the floral moss on the areas where soil shown through.

And, ta-daaa! In about 20 or 30 minutes I had two beautiful looking succulent planters. One to go in our living room and one to go on our kitchen table.  I don’t normally have a green thumb, but I don’t think it will be too hard to keep these beauties alive. They don’t need much water since they are desert plants and I should be able to give them at least four hours of sun a day. We’ll see how they fare as they get into fall and winter… You know how that goes here in Oregon!  Sun? What’s the sun? Haha!

Until then, I will enjoy the fruits of my labor today with these pretty little things!


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