Hey! It’s so nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by! I’m Nicole, a HI –> OR transplant.  You may have never guessed, but I hail from the slopes of Hualalai and the beaches of Hawaii.  More specifically a little town called Kailua-Kona on the Big Island, all located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  I was lucky enough, by the grace of God, to meet my handsome husband as our paths crossed in Oregon one hot summer night. He is as country as country comes and teaching me to learn, live and love all things ag in the rainy (yet beautiful!) Willamette Valley. Join me as I share with you about how this Flyin’ Hawaiian survives the rural life, our herd and maybe a story or two about all the nutty things you might expect an Islander, like myself, to have done on our farm. Enjoy!

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